Want your sexy back? Or better yet, want your GAME back?

“Metabolic Shred”

Program for Men provides just that!

Shred fat without compromising muscle....

We give you concise instructions, an easy to follow plan, and instant gratification … because most men want to see results, like yesterday!

And when you work with us, you get a distinctive, off-beat style of coaching
paired with constant contact, brief check-ins, and guided support.

With this program we cut to the chase and devise an effective weight loss solution specific to you that pretty much guarantees results in 30 days. As we’ve found, most people can commit to anything for 30 days, especially when they see dramatic results.

Results like the number on the scale immediately dropping or the need to tighten
your belt a notch or two… each week.

Sound like the 30 day game-plan you’ve been waiting for? Get lean, have more energy than you’ve experienced in years, and let’s not forget, appeal to the ladies! And while you’ll be focused and overjoyed by the weight falling off and finding your six pack again..…

We’ll secretly be helping you detox your body, drop your percentage of fat to a
healthy range, and get a good report at your next doctor visit.

Yes, all of this for a mere 30 day commitment!
And if you want to take it a step further and dive in a bit deeper with a Nutrition Assessment and a customized plan for you to have a happy, healthy, sustainable lifestyle, then we can do that too!

You got this and we’ve got you!


- Anthony R.
Los Angeles, CA

"Working with Violet was one of the single best decisions I’ve ever made and I can’t imagine where I’d be without her."

"I needed a change to happen. I needed to change my overall lifestyle, not just my eating habits. In other words, I wanted to lose weight, but I also wanted to learn how to eat properly and still feel satisfied. And I have to say, if it hadn’t been for Violet, I doubt I would have succeeded.

Violet was always very personable, she always made me feel comfortable, and her support and friendship have been invaluable to my progress! She put any doubts I had about the process to ease by her ability to show proof of her abilities, by practicing what she preaches, and by demonstrating her expertise. My biggest fear was always failure. I’d been overweight for a while and though I’d tried other things, nothing gave me sustainable results.

Violet understood this struggle because she’d been through it too. And that’s why she’s so good at this work, because she’s been there and she understands how tough it can be at times, but she also knows how to push through. Working with Violet was one of the single best decisions I’ve ever made and I can’t imagine where I’d be without her."
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