It is our intention to take a new and fresh approach to the never ending battle of weight
loss. First and foremost we need to respect the naked truth that you are uniquely you.
To promote a certain look, shape or weight as “ideal” is preposterous.

This pressure to fit the latest movement of what is defined as beautiful has
caused so many women (and men) to dishonor their bodies and have a distorted self-image.

However, we believe holding on to excess weight is the symptom not the problem. It is an
outward sign of an underlying condition which is begging to be uncovered. In addition,
excess weight can hold you back from being true to the woman you were
meant to be and shining your full light!
Violet White
Lifestyle & BodyLuxe Coach

Lola White
Lifestyle & BodyLuxe Coach

Violet White & Lola White are Certified Nutritional Therapist Practitioners, Certified Transformational Coaches, Speakers and Mentors and members of National Association of Nutrition Professionals. Together they have over 10,000 hours coaching experience and have assisted thousands to lose unwanted weight, gain optimal health and live their best life.
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